Borax Termite Treatment – Ending the Nightmare

Borax Termite Treatment – Ending the Nightmare

Borax termite treatment is used as the preventive measure to stop the entry of termites in your house. All the wooden products in the house are treated so that they are safe for the future reference. Many of the treatments focus on exterminating the termites already present in the house. Though the termites are killed, but most of the times, they have done the damage. Borax or the other boron compounds are helpful in preventing the termites to make a colony at your place.

These are the minerals salts that occur naturally in the earth’s crust. They are being used from the 90’s for termite treatment. Termites attack the wood from the inside leaving the outside turn up to be perfectly fine. Termites have the microorganisms called protozoa in their body, which affects the digestion by breaking down the wooden materials into simpler compounds and provide nutrients to the termites. However, the borates affect in a rare way. It enters into the digestive system and kills the protozoa which is responsible for the breaking of food. Termites are not able to digest the food. consequently starve to death.

The compounds of borax are obtainable in the market in the form of sprays and powders. The powders are mixed with water and applied to wood. The best way of applying that combination is by painting it once and drying. After drying, the second coat should be done. It would be perfect and will go for years. Its effects can be dependent on the several factors like the temperature and the conditions in which the painting is done. The other factors include the kind and thoroughness of wood.

These compounds are highly toxic and can already be helpful in the extermination of mice and the rodents of that area too. They are extremely poisonous for the termites but the level of toxicity to humans is comparatively quite low. So it is safe for homes. This treatment is for the whole life of the wood and is not required to be applied ever again. Boron is non corrosive to the metals, so if does not affect the building course of action and the strength of the structure.

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