Best Gaming Laptops 2022: For Every Budget

You can certainly approach the Triton 300 SE as a true portable hybrid and gaming laptop too. The battery lasts a little over nine hours performing light responsibilities, or eight hours with the brightness maxed. 

Pros: True portable gaming strength; Ultrabook style magnesium construction; substantial battery life
Cons: Large lower screen border; runs hot; loud fans required for peak performance

Price: £1,399 | Check price on Currys 

Alienware X15

One of the best keyboards on any laptop in a super-slim chassis

Weight: 2.36kg | Size: 15.9mm | Screen: 15.6in QHD 240Hz | RAM: Up to 32GB | Storage: Up to 1TB SSD | CPU: Up to Intel chief i9 11900H | GPU: Up to RTX 3080 | OS: Windows 10 Home

Dell’s recent Alienware laptops have started to go toe-to-toe with Razer, Asus and Lenovo, from adding AMD Ryzen chip and specialised Cherry MX keyboard options to its M range of laptops to, now, the new Alienware X15 (from £1,949). The new X-series aims to slim down the M-series, aided by a new suped-up cooling system. The end consequence is a mixed bag but nevertheless one worth considering. 

Alienware’s latest is unmistakably a gaming laptop but the X15’s super-slim design, rounded edges and pearly white paint job make it stylish independent – if nevertheless very loud. A lot about the new Alienware X15 is hugely promising, the 15.9mm thickness sails close to what Razer offers, making it much more bag friendly than the M-series.

You’ll notice the quality of its keyboard as soon as you get typing – its thinness hasn’t hampered the decent travel on offer here. From gaming to long typing sessions, this keyboard is an absolute dream, with pleasing feedback. This is all without the Cherry MX tinkering that Alienware attempted on its past M-series devices too. The 240Hz QHD characterize we tested is simply dramatically, with brightness to spare, fluid graphics and luxurious colour.

Our review form, the £2,999-priced Intel chief i7-11800H, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 produced the best synthetic benchmark scores (PC Mark 10, GeekBench 5 and Cinebench) we’ve seen on any gaming laptops over the past year. However, this didn’t play out in real-world use. In Borderlands 3, the X15 averaged 21fps at 1440p Ultra – a score that trails an RTX 3060-sporting Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 – dropping down to High settings got the average above the 60fps mark. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint was a similar story with 11fps at 1440p Ultra and topping 60fps at High settings. While in Apex Legends, you could get 135fps at 1440p Ultra and, to utilise this 240Hz characterize to its fullest, you’d need to venture down to 1080p Medium settings.

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