Benefits and Drawbacks of Antibacterial Gel

I’m a little leery of this antibacterial craze. My dish soap proclaims it. So does the shower gel and hand soap. When I go to the market, there’s antibacterial wipes, and now we see a proliferation of the gel everywhere we turn. It’s lauded on TV and in print. Doctors recommend it. nevertheless, I surprise if it’s wise.

Benefits of Antibacterial Gel: There are plenty of times I’m glad the stuff exists. When our younger daughter lived at home, she had a horse. I would go and help her care for it, which can be very messy. Shoveling horse apples is not exactly the most sanitary thing to do. When we’d get done cleaning the stall and caring for the horse, we’d both use some of the gel before touching anything else.

There are a few other times when I find it useful and a good idea. Wiping down the grocery cart can do more than prevent the spread of H1N1, it can also get rid of germs and bacteria from improperly handled meat. When I turn in my recycling, it comes in handy in addition.

Drawbacks of Antibacterial Gel: Is it possible to be “too clean?” I’m thinking so. If you remember a popular book and movie, War of the Worlds, the aliens are killed because they had no immunity to the diseases on this planet. Unless we have a vaccine for it, about the only way to get antibodies is to catch the illness.

I’m not recommending that you go out and purposely get sick. That’s both foolish and dangerous. I am saying that if we sanitize everything we touch, we could be creating problems for ourselves and our children.

While most people are grossed out by a comment my grandfather used to make, it has some merit. When we complained about a speck of dirt, he would say “you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.” Let’s not get so finicky we end up doing ourselves more harm than good.

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