basic Overview of the Most Popular Card Shufflers

basic Overview of the Most Popular Card Shufflers

Listen, anyone who enjoys any style of poker also loves to play at home with friends and family just like if you were at the casino right? One of the biggest differences is how the cards are dealt and the time it takes in between hands to do it. Why sit there and make each person mix up the cards when you can have card shufflers take care of it for you? It just method you will have that much more time to play your favorite games.

4 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

Two C batteries is all it takes to get this machine running before your next game. Out of all the card shufflers, this one is good for people who like to play blackjack with four decks, but keep in mind you won’t have to use that many decks if you’re just playing a regular game. Users can range from the specialized players to those in a retirement home who have a hard time shuffling all together. Plus it’s the most inexpensive one in the group.

Card Shuffler…6 Deck

Now if you’re ready to play just like the casinos do, the six deck card shufflers are just what you need. Since this version is a little larger then the four deck, it takes double the number of C batteries. Just something you will want to keep in mind when going for this style that can shuffler standard and bridge sized cards. These are on Poker Stars Direct and are only a few dollars more then the one above.

ESPNR 4 Deck Electronic Playing Card Shuffler

This line of card shufflers is thanks to ESPN being the first broadcasting network to televise Texas keep up’em to the public in the masses. Annie Duke, one of the World Series of Poker winners already endorses this different styled machine. This is the most popular shuffler on the Poker Stars Direct website and continually is restocked and then sold out quickly. If this is the one you’re interested in, plan on saving almost 30% off from PSD.

Casino Grade Automatic Card Shuffler- 6 Deck

For the poker enthusiasts who have home tables and games for their friends and family to enjoy, would love the casino style six deck card shuffler. Originally, these machines are sold for around twelve thousand dollars, but Poker Stars Direct offers the refurbished versions which are extremely inexpensive in comparison and nevertheless work just in addition. You’ll be very surprised at the price for such useful kinds of card shufflers.

Overall View

It really all comes down to preference when choosing which kind of card shufflers you are interested in, but all of them can provide everything you need to shuffle up to six decks. The only thing we have come to understand is that outside of the casino style that can shuffle six decks in four minutes, the rest require you to have at the minimum two C batteries for each one to work.

Other then that, Poker Stars Direct has proven they are extremely lower in cost then other places around. Understanding everyone loves cheaper prices, you at the minimum have to go see how much the casino shuffler costs.

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