Astral Projection FAQs – Can Anyone Learn Astral Projection Or Do You Have to Be Psychic?

Astral Projection FAQs – Can Anyone Learn Astral Projection Or Do You Have to Be Psychic?

I am a housewife and mother and I am not psychic. I had my first astral projection around the year 2000 since then I have been out and about many many times. I always leave my body at night just like everyone else, yes I did say ‘everyone else’, for we all leave our bodies at night. The only difference between me and someone who says they don’t astral project is simple… I remember and they don’t.

It really is as simple as that, remembering what you do at night. Most of us remember a dream or two, so really it’s just a case of going deeper into that side of who we are. Training is important, training the mind to remember, to bring back those all important out-of-body experiences.

So where do we start, well I started with my dreams, writing everything down, every morning, studying them and trying to find the meaning. However, it wasn’t just the time of action of remembering and writing, I had a longing to reconnect with the spiritual, a longing to find out who I really am. More than anything, it was that desire and the longing that took me out of my body.

When I had my first out-of-body experience I wasn’t already trying, I knew what they were, I had read about them but I didn’t think I was ready for one. I had been trying to lucid dream deliberately, not because I only wanted a lucid dream, it wasn’t that, it was the fact that in a lucid dream I felt somehow closer to who I am. I was conscious within my sleeping body, awake in a dream and I wanted more of that consciousness.

The thing that got me out of my body was the longing for spiritual connection, that longing gave me the motivation and determination to go deeper. I am no different from anyone else, if we are honest with ourselves we all have that longing, being psychic has nothing to do with it at all. Connect with the spiritual, want it, long for it and work for it.

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