Air Handling Units and Its Important elements


Air handling units, or AHU, are basic to heat or cool the air. All air conditioning systems, heaters and ventilators have AHU to condition and purify the air. These units have a number of important elements which have specific roles. There are various types of air handling units which include the terminal units or the small units, large AHU and packaged units.

roles of Different AHU elements

Different elements are included in the AHU which are basic for the smooth functioning of these units.

Filters: The most important component in the AHU includes the filters which are mainly used to clean and filter the air. Filters are basic to condition the air.

Blower: Another important part includes the blower which helps to recycle the air present in the building. Blowers collect the air from the building; it is then conditioned and released back into the building by ducts. It is either cooled or heated according to the different requisites. Large commercial buildings with huge AHU have many blowers for better and efficient performance.

Mixing chambers: The mixing chambers in the AHU absorb air from the outside and exhaust it from the interior of the building with the help of dampers. This helps to condition the air more quickly and efficiently.

Conditioning elements: Different conditioning elements are present in different types of AHU. Cooling coils are present in the air conditioners and hot coils are used in heating systems. The various conditioning elements include steam, hot water and cold water.

Humidifiers: One of the most basic elements present in the AHU includes the humidifiers which help to control the level of humidity in the air. continued level of heating can cause the air to become dry in cold places. This can consequence in harsh discomfort which can be prevented with the use of humidifiers. Different AHU units have different types of humidifiers and vaporizers.

Vibrator isolators: Most of the AHU are inclined to vibration and high level of noises while functioning. The vibrator isolator helps to reduce unwanted vibration and noise emancipating from the unit.

Pressure control devices: There are various dust pressure control devices which controls the speed of the blowers.

Other Important Devices

Various other devices are used to augment the performance level of the AHU. Different types of AHU are obtainable for various purposes. It can be installed in large commercial buildings and homes according to the availability of space. These units are obtainable in different sizes. There are packaged units which are obtainable in small compact sizes. It can be moved around easily in rooms. As these units are small, it is less efficient and can be used to heat or cool small areas.

The mini cabinet fan is another variety of the AHU which can be installed on the ceilings of the rooms. abundant amount of space can be saved with the installation of these units. Various air pollution control devices are also obtainable in the online markets at reasonable price rates. All these units can be obtained in different sizes to suit large and small spaces.

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