Air Conditioner Maintenance – The How to Do It Guide by Homeowners Ins…

Air Conditioner Maintenance – The How to Do It Guide by Homeowners Ins…

There is a science to anything that goes wrong: things gone awry usually do so at the wrong time!

Ask the character and homeowners – landlords and renters in addition – and they will emphatically tell you that, yes, when the air conditioning system goes, it’s generally during a heat wave, during the hottest times of the summer season!
How can the sorry situation be prevented? Your surest bet is by “taking the bull by the horns”. Begin a maintenance program that is consistent as it is proactive, say the cooling experts who are in the know.

Of course, the insurance agent who helped your with your home coverage will nod his head about this in total agreement. That’s because already though your plan may cover AC equipment breakdown in general, air condition claims that arise due to a without of care will never be covered! To the indemnity industry, if you don’t take care of your home AC, it’s your liability (aka your own fault) and you will receive no compensation.

So, here we go with the important care and maintenance guidelines.

Number One: Ramp up your air conditioner’s Crankcase heater BEFORE you truly begin using your system. This is called ‘energizing’, an act that helps minimize the likelihood of having the system’s refrigerant leak into the AC oil.

Number Two: Cleanse the AC outside coils at the minimum two times per year – once before the cooling system commences and once right before the hottest time when your air conditioner will be doing overtime.

Number Three: Check the compressor’s motor starter. Watch for any repair needs and particularly for corrosive electrical contacts that need substitute.
Number Four: Examine your AC’s moisture filters. Should the indicator show that there is moisture buildup, summon a technician that will check the source for it and repair any leak. As per protocol, technician workers will vacuum up and as necessary replace filters and driers.

Number Five: Check the air conditioner’s refrigerant charge. If you have experienced a shortage of the refrigerant before, you will need to conduct checks on a regular basis and do any necessary repairs.

Number Six: Make sure to be on guard for any air condition unit leaks. For checking convenience, utilize refrigerant additives that make checking easier.

Number Seven: Clean the air condition vapors so that air flow passage channels are not confined. In general, make sure to also install new air filters regularly.

Number Eight: Attach surge protection to your air conditioning system. Additionally, you can install a thermostat which will allow your compressor to delay starting over once it has turned off. This should help prevent a breakdown from overuse.

Number Nine: Learn how to detect abnormal operation. If something doesn’t sound right, smell right, feel right or look right call your repair car ASAP before the problem becomes a major one!

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