Adspypro – How It Works

Adspypro – How It Works

Adspypro is the latest development in PPC spying software. Adspypro allows its users to essentially monitor the most successful PPC ad campaigns within any given niche and keyword combination. This provides users with the most successful combination of PPC Ad, keywords, affiliate products and affiliate networks, most likely to consequence in profit.

What is It?

Adspypro is essentially a complicate PHP script (don’t be put off!) which users install on their desired webpage and folder. Users then set up the script within their web hosting c panel or similar to execute at chosen intervals (Cron Jobs). This is most clearly an advantage as you can then access the regularly updated information from anywhere- access is provided within the designated folder on your website.

How It Works?

Once the script is successfully installed, users can set up individual campaigns and specify keywords they want to track. Adspypro then runs each day and monitors these keywords providing you with the number of ads found, the number of affiliate ads found and the all important ‘profit signal’.

This profit signal is essentially an indicator of whether the keyword is likely to be successful; this makes it simple to eliminate keywords that are doubtful to be profitable. Once potentially profitable keywords have been identified Adspypro then traces the most successful PPC ads and see their average position and number of times they’ve been found unchanged. This is crucial because a PPC ad with a favourable average position found to be consistently unchanged is a fair indicator that profit is been made within that campaign. Once this has been identified, users can then drill down and see the affiliate product being promoted on which affiliate network.

It is important to mention that PPC Spying software is not going to provide moment results- a minimum of 14 days is recommended for a campaign and a period of 30 days should provide enough data to decide whether the campaign is going to be successful.

What To Do Next?

Now you have all this information it is simply a matter of creating a similar PPC Ad based on the successful keywords employing near identical Ad Copy, promoting the successful affiliate product on the successful affiliate network. The basic idea with Adspypro is to uncover unexploited niches/keywords which have low PPC’s with high need promoting successful affiliate products.

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