A Review of Snapper HI-VAC Walk Behind Mowers

A Review of Snapper HI-VAC Walk Behind Mowers

Some people like to have their lawn clean, free of debris when mowing. And there are many lawn mowers on the market that come with a bagging system that capture all the grass while cutting the lawn. Snapper has in its range of walk behind mowers the HI-VAC series which is a collection of push and self propelled mowers that have a special bagging and vacuum system that promises to sweep your lawn clean, literally.

The 21675B for example is a push mower in the HI-VAC series. Built with a powerful Briggs and Stratton 675 Series engine along with a ReadyStart characterize, this mower is ideal for the small lawns. Its powerful vacuum will capture any debris you might have when mowing. If pushing isn’t your cup of tea, you might consider the P21675B which has similar features to the 21675B with the exception of a self propelled engine that makes steering easier.

Then there is the more powerful P21875BV which has a specialized Series Briggs and Stratton engine capable of an 8.75 gross torque for plenty of cutting and bagging. Snapper’s rare HI-VAC bagging system features a patented, rolled-lip deck design for maximum vacuum strength.

There are other models such as the P2160KWV which consist of a Kawasaki FJ180V overhead valve engine and the P21875BVE which has an electric start characterize. All models are also equipped with a 2.5 bushel bag that can be easily emptied when complete. All lawn mowers in the HI-VAC series have a front and rear steel axle that gives the machines a strong built that will last years of tough use.

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