A Guide to Hosting a Great Fancy Dress Party

A Guide to Hosting a Great Fancy Dress Party

Having a costume party is fun at any age, especially when you can look sexy, and feel great. The best way to great number a fancy dress party is achieved by following a few simple steps: send out invitations, have great food and drinks, plan entertainment and just have fun!

Try to plan your party at the minimum a month in improvement. Not only does this give you plenty of time to plan and not have to rush, but also gives your guests time to order, or make their costumes. Make a guest list, and only include guests over the age of 18 or 21 depending on your country of residence, and if you plan to serve alcohol. Paper invitations are old fashioned, but they are a lot more classy and fun. If you have a theme for your costume party, coordinate your invitations with your theme. If you have no special theme and just want to have a fancy dress party in general, make your invitations out of plain poster board, and decorate the envelope with strips of silk, glitter and lace. On the invitation include the date, time and address of the party and a number to RSVP. You can also include an email address or Facebook contact information. Put “by invitation only” somewhere on the invitation so no unwanted or underage guests try to crash your party.

Give yourself a rough calculate of how many people plan to attend. Hors d’oeuvres are the easiest foods to serve; you do not have to worry about sitting down for a meal, and everyone can serve themselves and eat as they like. Many catering companies sell hors d’oeuvre trays, or make a few of your own by looking up recipes online, and enlisting the help of a friend to assist in the preparation and cooking. Some easy recipes are spinach balls, artichoke dip, chicken wings, salmon dip and crackers and fruit or vegetable trays. As for drinks, cans of soda or alcoholic beverages are easier to supply than worrying about large bottles getting knocked over. Have ice and disposable cups on hand.

Every party must have some form of entertainment, already if it is just music in the background. Create a playlist, burn discs, or plug in an iPod with every kind of music imaginable, already if it is not the kind of music that you personally enjoy. If the crowd looks willing, start up some games and contests. Fun contests like best associate’s costumes and highest heels, or games like relay races and scavenger hunts are always huge hits. Do games individually or in teams. Have prizes for the winners and losers, already if they are just gag gifts. Treat bags are also a nice touch, especially if they are decorated to match your theme.

Any party is a great party with a little forethought and good planning. A fancy dress party plus great friends adds up to a night no one will soon forget.

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