7 Tips for Selecting and Hiring a specialized Plumber

7 Tips for Selecting and Hiring a specialized Plumber

7 Tips for selecting a specialized plumbing service company.

1. Make certain to verify the plumbing company is licensed with the California State License Board.

2. Understand that in the State of California the only person required to be licensed and certified to function as a plumbing contractor is the owner, or responsible managing employee. In short, don’t assume that the person showing up at your door step is a licensed plumber. It is a very good idea to verify the “actual plumber” by asking to see a journeyman card or some personal references.

3. The California State License Board only requires a $12,500 construction bond. Don’t assume that you and your home are protected by this bond. You should only hire plumbing companies that carry General Liability Insurance. Most policies cover 1 million plus in the event that something should go wrong with the work. You will want to make certain that your plumbing contractor is properly insured to cover any and all possibilities.

4. Workman Compensation Coverage. Society at large has become very quick to sue. If you hire a company that doesn’t have workman compensation insurance and an injury occurs on your character – You can be Sued… Protect yourself by requiring and verifying your plumbing contractor does indeed have abundant coverage.

5. Permits. Are permits required? The simplest answer is “Yes”. A permit is required whenever you remove, alter, replace or change things within your plumbing system. Always insist that permits are secured for larger projects. Not only is it the law but, you also get another level of additional protection; in that the city or county will verify the plumbing company is in good standing with the CSLB and some insurance requirements.

6. Never Pay for Work Upfront. The California State License Board is very clear that a contractor may not collect more then 10% up to $1,000.00 dollars – whichever amount is less e.g. The most that can be collected up front on a $5,000.00 project is $500.00

7. Prior to paying for any work you will want to ensure that your plumbing contractor releases you of any hidden surprises in the form of an Unconditional Waiver and Release Form. This document is designed to ensure that you can’t be held financially liable for a shady contractor. Without this form you can be sued by material suppliers and workers alike; that can prove they supplied or worked on your project and that they have weren’t properly compensated.

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