5 Ways to Attract a Sagittarius Man


Just like every other male specie, a Sagittarius guy is testosterone filled. This might make it seem easy to snag one but the Archer/Centaur sign is truly complicated. It’s very easy to approach one because Sagittarians are naturally friendly and easy to talk to. But it takes a bit more than a pretty confront (not to mention a hot body) to keep this guy interested. If you feel a Sagittarius guy is what you want or if you’re determined to get his attention because your horoscope today says “This is it!!!” (and you’re a firm believer of anything divine and written on the stars), think about how men are like and what they like and try to incorporate it with a Archer’s characteristics. Here are some tips that will help you get and keep a Sagittarian’s interest.

1) Be confident and always look your best. For starters. The first goal is to get his attention, right? Physical turn up is very important for a guy. Or every other person. You might be flat chested compared to that girl next to you but there are ways to work around that. Always make sure you look clean and smell fresh already at the end of the day after walking 5 blocks going to work (and 5 blocks back to the aim stop), arguing with your boss after finishing a 300-page financial report in 6hours and having a pan fried garlic sardine for lunch. Be confident. Confidence takes you a long way. There’s something about walking in the room with your head held high that makes a man turn his head. Specially if you’re in that flirty dress and sexy stilettos.

2) Be Little Miss Sunshine. Sagittarians are happy and active people. So if you’re all Emo and determined to cry when you see a “Please Do Not Step On The Grass” sign then you have a serious need to sort out your priorities. You have to be little miss sunshine. Smile. Laugh at his jokes. Try to include him in a light conversation. When you bump in to someone you know or get introduced to his friends, say hi with a little bit more enthusiasm than that day in Kindergarten when you found out your grind fancies your best friend. And no matter what happens, refrain from talking about how, every now and then; you feel like want to follow your dead cat to the other side.

3) Be Enigmatic and Mysterious. First off, mysterious does not average weird. There are just some information you’re not supposed to volunteer. Going out with him a few times does not average he has the right to know you own a security blanket and that you can recite the multiplication table backwards. When you were five. While you were sleeping. The Zodiac Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. They are philosophical people and like puzzles. You don’t have to act all Einstein~ish one minute and be a dumb blonde the next. Just be aloof. Stop yourself from giving him too much information. If he, for example asks a question that you don’t like to answer like … “How many boyfriends have you had in the last 2 weeks” just smile and say “Why would you want to know?” That way you’ve avoided answering his question in a polite BUT playful manner and at the same time leaving him with a little question to figure out.

4) Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. If you’re in a bar and you want to come over and talk to him or get his number? Go ahead. Make the first move. There’s no law that would stop you from doing so. The confidence would turn him on. And they like meeting new people so it won’t hurt. They will love the attention. It might overwhelm him a little bit but in this case, an overwhelmed Sagittarian is a good thing. Again, laugh at his jokes. Tap his arm or thigh lightly if you must. If we haven’t made the point clear however we’ll spell it out for you, Sagittarians love to flirt.

5) Be Unpredictable. Again, don’t act weird. Assuming you are already in a relationship with a Sagittarian male, this does not average you’re going to stop from getting his attention. You nevertheless have to work on it because the Archers get bored easily. And once they do, expect him to head out of the door and look for some fun and excitement. already if it method being with someone else. So be unpredictable. use that perfume he bought for you that you oh so hate but turns him on so much. Show up on his doorstep one evening with a associate tickets for a basketball game. Or if you’re used to planned vacations, try back packing for once. Just get on a bus, don’t book for hotel rooms or a car service. Head out the door with a few cash and already less clothes and no plan at all. This will make the adventurous part of him very happy.

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