5 Popular Green Iguana Myths Debunked

5 Popular Green Iguana Myths Debunked

There are many myths related to green iguanas. Many of these myths can prove quite unhealthy to the iguanas, as it can interfere with the ability of a person to take care of the iguana. Many of these do not prove to be unhealthy but a few of these can prove vital to the healthy well being of an iguana. The following are a few shared myths related to iguanas which you should give some importance to:

1) Green iguanas can be fed with lettuce – it is also partly right. It can be fed with lettuce with no second thought since vegetarian diets are best suited for iguanas. But you should be careful on not to make it a regular diet as most of the salad lettuce have only a little amount of nutritional value. Many realize this when it is already late to have a change in the diet of the iguana. A main reason for this is that a green iguana used to lettuce as its main diet will continue to satisfy on lettuce already if its diet is additional with better food.

Vegetables with high nutritional value such as turnip greens, collards and mustard greens must be additional to your iguana’s main diet if you are focusing on the proper care of the iguanas.

2) Iguana’s growth will be constrained to the size of their cages – many people have this concept that if you keep iguanas in smaller cages then they will have shunted growth. To keep their iguana in handy sizes, definitely this idea will not work in the case of the green iguanas. A healthy green iguana which has been taken care of properly can show a growth of up to six feet. Hence keeping green iguanas in smaller cages will make its life very uncomfortable.

3) Gravel is consumed by iguanas to help in their digestion – this myth is one of the most dangerous. To help their green iguanas in digesting its food, many people place gravel or small pebble to its surrounding. But accidental consumption of these materials may end up killing your iguana. consequently accidental or purposely feeding gravel to your iguanas should be avoided.

4) Hot rocks are the best for heating – a few cages of green iguanas contain hot rocks as a few people think hot rocks will help continue iguana’s body temperature. You should keep in mind that iguanas are truly cold blooded animals and when they are very close to hot rocks they have a risk of being cooked to death. The best heating equipment for your green iguana cages would be the special lighting which is obtainable at most of the pet stores.

5) Pet food, insects and many animal products can be a part of iguana?s diet – many of them nevertheless say that iguanas should also be provided with animal proteins. However green iguanas are best kept on herbivorous diets. The metabolism and the body of a green iguana are best destined to utilize plant products most effectively. Animal proteins can present many health problems to it. Gouts will be developed by iguanas on the excessive diet of animal proteins. Serious kidney problems will also be a part of it. Wild iguanas eat insects only due to accidental mix up with its food.

These are just a few of the most important myths related to green iguanas. These truths about myths will help you to give best care to your green iguanas.

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